Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was a big day for Ava.  She so didn't want to start soccer.  She was scared and nervous and told me I was forcing her to do it.  (What a mean mom I am)  I sensed the nervousness when she was throwing me a lot of attitude while we were trying to do homework at Layla's ballet class.  I wanted to lose it on her, this sassy back talk that I worry is a foreshadow of the future teen years.  Instead, I took a few breaths and took her outside  so we could sit alone and tried to find out where it was coming from.  It was, as I suspected, a result of all the anticipation she was having about going to soccer that evening.  We talked about being scared when trying new things and how that is just have to be brave and try it and know you'll feel really good about yourself afterwards. I wonder sometimes if the things I am telling her are the right things.  I know there is no wrong or right way to  parent and as they get older and I get more confident as a parent I try to go more on instinct then what "they" say is the right way to do things.  When the girls were babies, I was ALL about reading the parenting books.  I tried to follow the "rules"  bottle gone at 1 year old, start letting them cry it out at 6 months, one minute/age for time outs, etc and I think it worked out for us pretty well.  We have good kids.  However, now that they are older, I find I would rather just go on what feels right at the time.  I guess time will tell if this is a good method.  

Needless to say, after the first few minutes you could tell the shy girl who quietly kicked her ball around at the beginning of practice went away and out came the happy girl-jumping, running, giggling & having a good ol time!

You could tell she was proud of herself...and I was oh, so proud of my girl.  She was scared, but brave and handled it so well.  Yes, I was a very proud mama yesterday.  Especially when we got home & she was showing off where she got kicked during a "play" And, informing me that you can in fact touch the ball with your hands when you throw it back inbounds. Pretty cute.

Wednesday afternoon Layla and I decided to put on rain boots, take umbrellas and walk to get Ava.  It seemed that most of the rain storms were gone.  I was regretting this decision as we first started going and realized it was raining harder than I thought and blowing, which makes it a little difficult for carrying umbrellas.  (And, a stuffed robin in Layla's case...she wanted to get her worms)  We pushed through, made it to the school a little wet, but it was all worth it because after we left the school with Ava, the rain had blown over and the sunshine was out in full force.  It was one of those great walks after the rain where everything smells really fresh, there were perfect puddles for jumping in and lots of worms for the girls to examine.  Or to bury as the girls are doing here...they didn't want it to dry out in the sun so they buried it.

Now, it's a very windy Friday, but a warm wind that has promise of bringing really warm weekend weather.  That will mean lots of walks, trips to the park and just hanging out in our backyard.  Tonight's at home date night is going to be Pizza Margheritta.  I made Matt choose this week and it was a perfect choice.  Something about the basil and mozzarella and just the smell of it as it cooks makes it the perfect date night food.  We didn't have one last week since we were out with friends, so I'm looking forward to it tonight. It's always a chance to reconnect after our busy weeks. Tomorrow we are continuing birthday celebrations for the girls with Matt's parents.  We usually do a joint celebration for the girls in between their two birthdays and it's always a lovely time.  It's a good balance...they get a crazy birthday party with my big family and then a smaller one with Matt's where it's just about the girls.  Both lots of fun and I'm all about keeping birthday celebrations going as long as possible!  In the midst of all of this we'll continue to work on preparations for Layla's birthday party for the following weekend.  Lots of pinks and purples and princesses going on.  

My girls already have a head start on the weekend plans, outside playing in the backyard...I must go join in the fun.

Happy Friday.

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