Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th and instead of being a day of bad luck (is that what it's supposed to be?)  It was a just wonderful day.
Ava had the day off of school but Layla had school, so I swapped my work schedule around so Ava and I could have a morning together.  I did this one time earlier this year and I just loved getting to spend a little one on one time with my first born.  It's funny cuz way back when it was just the two of us everyday, all day…my little buddy.  (we've been watching a lot of old home videos to prove this, just me and a camera and hours of video of Ava…I like to pull them out when we get close to birthdays)  Now, most days it's just me and Layla while Ava's at school so it is really nice to have some time with just Ava.  The last day we had she wanted to cook and when I asked her what she wanted to do this time, cooking was it again!  Which, worked out perfectly because little miss wants homemade pasta and bread for her birthday dinner…so I told her she had to help!  We spent the morning making dough for bread and pasta, rolling out and unrolling the pasta and filling the house with the aroma of fresh bread.  She is an awesome helper and it was so much fun, cooking and chatting and rocking out to the music blaring.  (until I realized the song was singing  "damn- yous a sexy bitch"  oh well, that's what you get when you put in Lady Gaga on Pandora)  

After, she wanted to go spend her Easter money because Layla had done this earlier this week.  (Hmmmm, she wanted to spend her day off cooking and shopping, don't know where she got that from??)  Problem was she only had $2 and I tried to explain that doesn't get you much.  Luckily she found a stuffed bunny on Easter clearance that she had just enough for, so the bunny has come to join the hundreds of other stuffed animals that live in her room!  We decided to sneak in a quick lunch and went to our favorite little pizza place to get a slice.  Last year when Ava had vision therapy every week I would take her to Cosmic Pizza (tiny little place adjoining a gas station, but it's local and fresh and so good!!) for lunch right after the Dr, before she had to go back to school.  She mentioned one time that she missed going there with me, so it was the perfect place to end our morning together before we went to pick up sister. 
We didn't want Layla to miss out on the fun of our day so of course we had to head to the park and take advantage of some of the sunshine that snuck out today.  Us, and everyone else in the neighborhood must have had the same idea!!  It was gonna be a quick trip, but Ava saw a friend from school and Layla, like Matt, makes friends anywhere so they ended up playing forever and it wasn't until the clouds rolled in that we headed home.  
This was a great change of pace from the last couple days.  Ava went to school on Wednesday…all happy with hair curled ready for class pictures.  It was another beautiful day and Layla and I were looking forward to taking the scooters to school to pick Ava up, when I get the dreaded call from the school secretary…"Ava just got sick, can you come pick her up?"  
Poor girl…this is the second time she has thrown up at school this year!!  At least this time she made it to the office.  I am sensitive to this because I have my own horrible memories of getting sick at school.  Well, mine wasn't actually at school, it was on the bus on the way to school.   I was in first grade and it was Valentine's Day and I was so excited to go to school and pass out my cute little Valentine's.  I had on a purple shirt that had hearts all over it in honor of the day.  I'm sitting on the bus and threw up all over my adorable heart shirt and had to stay in it until we got to school.  (the big kids on the bus called me Ralph the rest of the year)  When I got to school I had to go to the office and put on a hideous army green t-shirt that they had in the lost and found and my mom had to come get me.  I have never forgotten, which is why I felt so bad for Ava.  I don't think hers was as traumatic, however, because when I got there and asked how she was she said "I feel great!!"  No horrible puke story for her to share in her adulthood.  I kept her home Thursday more just in case and today she was up and running again!!  So sad when your babies are sick.    Poor baby.
Anywho…now we are all healthy and ready for the weekend!  Tonight we get to go out with Amy & Chad without kiddos, which doesn't happen very often so I'm very excited.  It started that we were going to go out with a couple other friends, maybe head to the brewfest that is happening here in town tonight.  Then we realized, number 1-tickets to the event were crazy expensive for what it was and number 2-maybe we are too old to go hang out with a bunch of drunks at a brewfest when we really just want to have a good beer and hang out and visit.  And, the other people we were going to hang out with didn't work out so it's just us four….just like old times.  (or pre-kiddos)  Should be a good time and the girls get to hang out with their cousins so it's a win-win!  Then tomorrow begins final preps for the cowgirl birthday party on Sunday.  My little foodie daughter wants a carmel chocolate cheesecake for her birthday cake (what 7 year picks that??) so I'll be busy baking that, and some cupcakes (for those who don't like cheesecake, um, Matt) and cookies for her class party on Monday!  Phew, lots of baking.  And, after my baking disaster my confidence is a little shaken in the baking department, so hopefully it'll all go well.  Layla has her first "friend" party and she is so excited.  It's funny, Ava never did that until Kindergarten so this is new.  Layla is definitely the more outgoing one, so she is all about it.  Ava wanted to have a sleepover so her cousins are coming over tomorrow night to kick off the birthday celebrations.  It's gonna be a fun, kid-filled, birthday weekend.  I love it.  Sickness is gone, the sun is out and it's time to go get ready to go out with my hubby and best friends….life is good.  Take that Friday the 13th.  

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