Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mango salsa, guac, date nights & other weekend fun...

So at home date night turned into an impromptu "real" date night...gotta love that!  Here's how it came about.  The girls and I spent the afternoon helping my sister sort hundreds (it felt like hundreds) of girl scout cookies, because on top of raising a family of 6, a full time job and being a girl scout leader, she thought she needed to be the cookie mom as well.  (I have NO idea how she does it all, she's amazing)  So, we're sorting and moving boxes, etc while the kiddos play and when we are done I tell the girls it's time to go.  This was met with four little pleas of "Noooooo, we don't wanna go, can we please play a little longer????"  Kori and I looked at each other and said "why not do date nights?"  We try to do date night swaps with them every once in night Matt and I go and they watch the kids and the next night vice versa.  Usually these are planned a couple weeks in advance because as I mentioned above she's gotta  lot going on, this time it just happened to work spur of the moment.  So with kisses to my little loves, I was off to pick up my other love for a night out!

The other great thing about this being impromptu is I didn't spend the week leading up to it trying to plan out how we could spend an evening without children, searching to see if there's anything going on in town, thinking about which restaurant we should go to.  (I'm such a planner, it's good for me to get thrown a wild card once in awhile) I just picked Matt up and we headed downtown.  We started at the new R Bar for drinks and decided maybe we are getting to old to hang out there so we thought we'd go to our favorite sushi place "Dave's"  Unfortunately, this place is getting more and more popular and there was a long we ended up at Starky's, which in my opinion has the best fish tacos in town.  

Because we ended up going out, I didn't make my salsa and guac so we had it today for lunch, and mmmm was it good!  I have tried several salsa recipes over the years and one day just kinda made my own up and is now the only one I make.  I threw in some mango this time to give it a fruity kick and it made it so fresh and Delicious!
And the finished product....

Between Matt and I, we ate it all.  (maybe just a touch of salsa left)

Here's the recipes~

-3 or 4 tomatoes
-Juice of 1 lime
-1 Jalapeno (I take out some of the seeds and leave a few in...depending on how hot you like it)
-1 bunch of cilantro
-Around 1/2 an onion
-1 or 2 crushed garlic cloves
-Mango (if you want a fruity kick)
-Sprinkle of Salt & Pepper, Celery Salt and Cumin
Combine all of the above in a food processor and chop it up.  I usually try to let it chill for an hour before serving to let the flavors blend, but you can serve it right away!

Guacamole (This one is my sister, Nicole's recipe, so simple and good)
-1 or 2 avocados
-1 chopped tomato
-Sprinkle of celery salt, cumin, paprika
Crush the avocado with a spoon and stir in the rest!  So easy!

Tonight we get to have the cousins over for our turn of babysitting while my sister and her husband get the date night.  The girls and myself are looking forward to it.  Any chance for the four littles to get together and play like crazy. In the spirit of my spring like mood we're going to bar-b-q hot dogs and veggie burgers.  (these are not veggie burgers like you get in the frozen food section at the grocery store...they are made from scratch and so, so good..let me know if you want the recipe to try!)  Ironically, when I was trying to find my veggie burger recipe in my organizer it was under "Meat"  I guess when you eat as little meat as we do, veggie burgers qualify.  Then tomorrow we get to take the girls bowling for the first time for a friends birthday party...I can't wait!  Photos of this sure to be funny event will follow!  


  1. Hi! I've just found your blog and wanted to say hi!

    Firstly, I LOVE those shoes! I want them!

    I too am an organiser! Sometimes it's better if outings are just thrown at me at the last minute otherwise I spend ages planning and worrying about it and then I get stressed when it doesn't all go to plan! xx

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment...very exciting to have a visitor as I am new to this blog world!!