Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello weekend....

At our house we really like books.  Kid books, magazines, chic-lit, serious literature…just about anything.  One of my favorite kid book characters is Fancy Nancy, a little girl who likes to do everything in a fancy way.  So, in the spirit of that I think this is going to be a spectacular (that's a fancy word for great) weekend.  On Friday afternoons I try to do something fun with the girls…we call it our "Friday Fun"  Ava gets done with school early, there is no housework to be done, no homework and dinner is usually something simple for the girls and at-home date night for Matt & I, so there is no food prep going on either.  Perfect time to kiss the week goodbye and the weekend hello.  What we do varies…sometimes it's a tea party at home (we get all fancied up for those), going for frozen yogurt or ice cream, a trip to the park, etc.  Today the weather didn't cooperate for ice-cream so we headed to Barnes and Noble for some hot cocoa and books.  A very simple thing, but back to our love of books, the perfect way to spend an afternoon with my girls.  That, and a double chocolate chip cookie split by three!  In the spirit of the spring & upcoming holiday we read books about Easter, jelly beans and some Fancy Nancy in there for good measure. 
After that we stolid through the toy store for some little girls to give me some ideas for their upcoming birthdays.  Taking these guys to the toy store is always fun…there's a lot of "oooooh, look at this!  Layla come here check this out!"  "AVA you would LOVE this!"  I really like how they look for things for each other…so precious.
The spectacular weekend holds little plans which I am looking forward to.  Our April weekends look to be very full with birthday parties and Easter so this calm before the storm is a welcome one.  I like the weekends when we have nothing going on and we just kinda see where we end up.  We are being neighborly and having dinner with not one, but two of our neighbors on Sunday.  We've lived in the same house for around 8 years and just recently started doing more with our neighbors and I dig it.  It feels like a very "suburbs" type thing to do and I always say I think there's a 1950's housewife trapped in me.  (but not in a submissive way…I'm pretty bossy.  Just in the liking to stay home with the kids, cook meals and do laundry sort of way)  I'm going to make pizza for the occasion and I love making pizza…all different kinds and I have finally, after trying several recipes and variations perfected my dough and sauce.  Recipes will follow later this weekend!!
Tonight will be at home date night…we're having open face tuna sandwiches with sweet pickle mayo on ciabatta bread…it is SO good.  The key is buying a really nice piece of tuna which can be tricky here so far from any water, but we usually do pretty well.  I season the tuna with some salt and pepper and a little Italian spice mix and then Matt grills it Medium Rare.  While it's grilling I take the ciabatta and drizzle it with olive oil, put some sharp white cheddar on it and broil it until the cheese melts.  Then I slather on some of the sweet pickle mayo (Mix real mayo, not miracle whip or fat-free or light) with chopped up sweet pickles & a little s&p).  On top of that I put some sort of greens…arugula is great but spinach or romaine is good as well, then the grilled tuna.  Yummy…kinda hard to eat but so worth it.  We'll have that along with some potatoes au gratin and artichoke (I boil artichoke with a little lemon juice, olive oil & s&p for about 25 min…perfect) and of course a nice bottle of vino.  Mmmmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!!

Happy Weekend!

Have a Fabulous (that's another fancy word for great) weekend!!!

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  1. We love books in my house too! I swear we have enough books to start a library! An afternoon with books and coco sounds like heaven to me! xx